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Wood floor oil to ease the aging floor!

1, peppers in addition to moisture method, space: the living room to face uncomfortable back to Nantian. Moisture-proof approach: one is to place dried chili, can absorb a certain amount of water, but we must always replace the new pepper dry. The other is to place a reliable quality gunfire, because there is sulfur inside the gun, not only dehumidification but also pest control. Tips: Although the effect is good, but there are safety problems, the public still have to be careful when using.

2, anti-mildew law newspaper, the application of space: bedroom wet weather, the closet of the clothes are often moldy, how to do? Moisture practices: long-term open closet doors, ventilation mildew, but dust and more. If the bottom of the wardrobe covered with newspapers, and even affixed newspaper inside the cabinet door will do. Newspapers can absorb moisture to achieve anti-mildew effect, but the ink on the newspaper can deworming. Tips: Newspapers to avoid direct contact with clothing to prevent contamination of ink.

3, lime moisture absorption method, the application of space: kitchen, bedroom lime is easy to do hygroscopic agent. Moisture-proof approach: the lime in the wooden box, when the weather is tide, covered; weather is wet, open the lid, while not open the big window, you can make indoor air to keep dry and pleasant. Reminder: For the average family, buy lime 5 to 10 kilograms, clinging to a wooden box or a cardboard box, put it under a wardrobe or a corner, but be careful not to let the children take it home.

4, salt mopping law: Applicable space: kitchen, bathroom kitchen. Moisture-proof practices: Salt is also a good use of desiccant, although there is no deicing salt melting snow so powerful, salt to deal with home humid or more than enough.

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