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Four-way wood flooring dehumidification method

Summer climate is dry, in order to make the floor "skin" more moisture, increasing the number of floor waxing to extend its life has become the choice of many people.

Appropriate waxing of the wooden floor can play a dampproof, anti-damage, increase the surface brightness and easy to clean, but if the waxing frequency is too frequent, will damage the wooden floor. Frequent waxing will lead to wax scale wax overlay, and the wax layer between the two ash layer, affecting the waxing effect.

At present, more and more families are laying laminate flooring, laminate flooring is wear-resistant paper, the composition of "aluminum oxide", this layer of metal so that wax can not penetrate into the interior of the floor, can only be attached to the floor surface. Waxing, people will leave a footprint when walking for a long time the surface of the floor becomes like a "big flower face", affecting the beautiful floor and difficult to wipe care.

When the air is dry, the laminate flooring is not suitable for waxing or cleaning with detergent, etc., and should not use abrasive paper polishing. Can be wiped wipe wipe, and then care solution maintenance, hard to clean the place with a special detergent to remove. If the home is laying solid wood flooring, waxing frequency should not be frequent.

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