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floor for many years

Publicerat klockan 15:36, den 26 juli 2017
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built floor collocation skill

The accident of wooden floor service life, the quality that is wooden floor itself not just is concerned,[url=]Easy Maintenance External Boat Wood[/url] when returning peace maintain and nurse about. So besides above when, wooden floor life by what to because be place,affect? Go looking together.

1. seeper

The natural enemy with wooden the biggest floor board is water, encounter water wood floor to have wriggle through the earth easily, be out of shape.

It is sizy. Sizy quality decided the floor spreads the quality of outfit,[url=]prefabricated cabin grade wood flooring[/url] it is the accident that matters to service life directly more.

2. air conditioning

Use air conditioning folong time, create wooden floor board easily dry,[url=]Composite Decking For Shower Floor[/url] wooden floor is incidental adjustable, then real wood floor happens adjustable, bring about wooden floor so easily to be out of shape.


Wooden floor was touched smeary hind, if be wiped not in time, stubborn and bad cleanness is formed easily on wooden floor, cause wooden floor color easily to become angry.

4. clog

The hard to avoid in the home can have the keep long in stock of the clog, [url=]Wooden Mat With Skid Packing[/url] especially the foot of furniture and chair is pressed on wooden floor, because bear,create wooden floor board easily exceeding pressure and those who cause wooden floor be out of shape, craze.


The fecal meeting of pet is alkalescent to lumber generation corrode, bring about the floor becomes angry and produce besmirch.

6. sunlight

After sunlight is point-blank, ultraviolet ray can make floor surface lacquer produces chap. Should uscurtain or shutter keep out, prevent solar illuminate.

The accident of floor life also has very big concern to the safeguard of the floor when peace. Plus right at ordinary times of the floor reasonable maintain, those who believe the floor can be used is longer.

Publicerat klockan 05:24, den 26 juli 2017
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Association of flooring

Publicerat klockan 04:09, den 26 juli 2017
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standard products without paper

Publicerat klockan 13:03, den 25 juli 2017
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composite antique floor production

Publicerat klockan 04:48, den 25 juli 2017
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How does floor color match wall color

The floor gets design and color complex and various sundry,[url=]plastic clips for decking in australia[/url] how to floor get choice and wall collocation? Summed few simply.

Hoar department floor is tie-in and brunet department wall

If wall is brunet attune, so the relatively light color such as floor of proposal choice hoar, [url=]faux wood plank ceiling systems[/url] can give person halcyon sense, deserve to go up the household with simple line, make body and mind gets the oldest rate loosen.

Lubricious wall of ivory of collocation of red dark brown floor

Itself of red tonal floor give pers kind of intense visual perception, the Ivory that if choose the pink that takplace, moves at this moment is white, form unified feeling with respect to meeting and floor.

Green of collocation of yellow tonal floor, low yellow or virescent wall

When tie-in yellow move floor, wall should follow Xiang Linyan's lubricious rule, can choose the green with maize photograph adjacent, weak Huang Yi to reach weak green collocation, match the furniture with color a few blackish green again,[url=]decking side panels seller[/url] shutter block holds off the sunshine of the dazzling outside house, inside house down.

Lubricious wall of cashmere of collocation of deep dark brown floor

Deep dark brown floor and cashmere lubricious wall, color is more adjacent,[url=]500 Ft Of Fence For Sale[/url] the OK and clever size the space is changed at aeriform in, if choose the furniture of style of a few old Shanghai again, so nostalgic breath blow on the face and come, contracted and elegant.

Publicerat klockan 06:36, den 24 juli 2017
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new international product to fill the gaps

Publicerat klockan 04:25, den 21 juli 2017
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Nature real wood floor

In spring, the floor of your home occurrence moisture? [url=]Composite Fencing Panels Options Ireland[/url] Small the floor brick that makes up the home appears this kind of circumstance, is that how solve? Small make up everybody to share:

South is plum rains season 56 months, be easier moisture, especially wooden floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, if serious floor removes be affected with damp be affected with damp easily,rouse, floor life can sell adiscount greatly,[url=]composite bead board planking[/url] so moistureproof dispute often is necessary.

The reason of floor moisture

1. wet climate is damp, indoor humidity is big

2. room is airtight not ventilated

3. floor quality is poor, installation is unreasonable

4. woodiness stuff is easy imbibe

The means of settlement of floor moisture

1. wet closewindow, sunshine is ventilated because of wet the humidity outdoor is big,[url=]angled deck supports[/url] prevent moisture to enter indoor, sunshine is ventilated be helpful for indoor moisture sending out

2. can be used what have economic requirement with dehumidify machine

3. opens air conditioning to open air conditioning smoke wet mode to undertake dehumidify works

4. effective desiccative is divided

5. wood ground average household can use the paper skin of moisture this kind of method, and the effect is first-rate

A lot of people encounter floor moisture not to know how to do,[url=]laminate vs particle board[/url] hope this article can help you solve problem, make you better had made moistureproof step.

Publicerat klockan 08:29, den 20 juli 2017
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Bell Wood PVC floor project

Publicerat klockan 05:58, den 20 juli 2017
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Henglin floor enterprises to further strengthen

Publicerat klockan 12:58, den 19 juli 2017
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best real wood floor

In recent years, have many users when undertaking living in decorating more and more the collocation that notices wooden floor and furniture color, how should have d1 the collocation with furniture color to wooden floor? Fall below.

Wooden floor installkinds of methods that match with furniture color:

1, it is suitable that wooden floor is the same as color

If chose Brown give priority to white to set the furniture that match, [url=]lay wood pallets patio over existing concrete[/url] suitable; chose floor board of beans of the teak of usable and Brown departmentwings the real wood furniture of copy annatto, floor of Mu Dou of the wood of Sheng Xie Qian that usable red fastens, face cream is suitable color.[url=]how to build composite picnic table[/url] Be the same as hue to match, decoratstyle rigorous, orderly, air.

2, wooden floor close look is suitable

If chose black Hu Tao to stick the furniture of face plate, usable and Brown big fruicolor of floor of wood of birch of that beans, large, white wax is suitable. Close look is suitable, decoratstyle to appear lively, harmonious, delicate.

3, wooden floor is suitable to colorimetric

If choose the archaize furniture of cardinal department, some fashionable families, can choose the maple floor match colors that buff fastens. Huang Zhong of color of this kind of floor slants white,[url=]restore park bench using composite boards[/url] form bright and harmonious comparative effect with cardinal furniture. Comparative color is suitable, in principle wants careful with, match colors must have professional eye or ask an expert to guarpass, match colors should have comparative and strong result already,[url=]redwood fence panels for sale[/url] want to have the effect of harmonious set off again.

Publicerat klockan 08:40, den 18 juli 2017
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wood flooring companies have sprung up in the cross-Lin

Publicerat klockan 04:58, den 18 juli 2017
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Wooden floor burn how to do?

Prefer beautiful type countryside all the time decoratstyle. Slam the door of wind of beautiful type countryside trival and costly, be particular about is comfortable, emphasizregression is naturaLet whole home be full of the breath of more nature not only more relaxed, lively and comfortable. Because this is when the choice of bedroom wood floor, whachoose is multilayer real wood floor.[url=]outdoor cheap flooring balcony[/url] Multilayer real wood floor is to usfew rare wood to floor material squelchs character and be become, not only it is better to have hygroscopic with permeability, and the foot feels comfortable, environmental protection is healthy, the ground board that makes outfit of most now home be chosen surely is qualitativof.

To style of beautiful type countryside, multilayer real wood floor is best collocation more.[url=]bamboo plastic composite 2017[/url] Especially this maple that our home chooses is multilayer real wood floor, color is deep dust-colour, grain nature is clear, feel is exceedingly exquisite and smooth. Accordingly we block tall floor inn to liked to get on this multilayer real wood floor.[url=]yard vinyl lattice panel singapore[/url] And be compared with other floor brand photographs, card is tall this multilayer price of real wood floor still also compares be to 1's profit.

Those who chose this color is multilayer real wood floor, later we what the color of the partial furniture of our home and metope chooses is light color. The color collocation of whole bedroom is given priority to with natural, retrospective look,[url=]wood plastic dealers[/url] sending out everywhere natural breath, the more perfect nature that highlights rural area of type giving the beauty is cozy the gust with guileless.

Especially of this design and color multilayer the collocation of real wood floor, let whole bedroom more concise with warmth.

Healthy environmental protection, color collocation is the main factor of first selection floor.

Publicerat klockan 07:13, den 17 juli 2017
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flooring manufacturing industry quickly

Publicerat klockan 10:58, den 14 juli 2017
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environmental protection floor choose and buy

A lot of families can choose a floor decorate the ground, it is especially in bedroom and children room, the application of the floor is more wide. Besides noticing to choose good floor board,[url=]Porch flooring tongue and groove price[/url] of a few complementary makings such as glue of the line that play a base, floor it is very important also to choose. Warn customer, choose the environmental protection that floor plank should pay close attention to not only when the floor, notice all sorts of complementary makings environmental protection even.

Skirting board: Material is very important

The capable person with at present common skirting board has PVC, density character beaverboard, multilayer plywood a few kinds. Among them PVC material is qualitative won't send out formaldehyde,[url=]floating wooden floors in philippines[/url] compare safety relatively. Also exist on the market nevertheless with reclaim the inferior PVC skirting board that material makes, although quality of a material is more fragile not durable, but do not pollute an environment. Density board kind skirting board should choose density as far as possible tall,[url=]resistance termites composite tongue and groove floor[/url] the skirting board with a few low price, low density is very possible formaldehyde exceeds bid. Multilayer the skirting board of plywood is put possibly also in same question. To skirting board, still do not have unified manufacturing level at present, but if be the skirting board with plank qualitative material, can consult the uniform standard of plank.

Ground mat: Paper of careful aluminum foil

The capable person that the ground pays is expanded plastics commonly character, the shop basically has amortize, moistureproof effect below the floor, itself does not have noxiousness. But a few businessmen added paper of an aluminum foil to regard as again on white bubble mat sell a site, if such ground mat price is very low, what its use consumer need vigilance is sterling aluminum foil paper, because the cost itself of aluminum foil paper is not low. More important is, aluminum foil and bubble are stuck if the gum that when mixing,[url=]plastic laminate plywood[/url] uses is unqualified, probable meeting sends out the harmful substance that gives and so on of cresol, 2 cresol.

When proposal consumer is choosing the ground to fill up for avoid risk, choose white not to add the ground pad of aluminum foil as far as possible. If chose to have the ground mat of aluminum foil, can fill up furled ground before installation lift, wen Wen has excitant taste, if have, must reject to use.

Floor glue: Read a report carefully

The floor gum that uses in extending outfit process has tie of corresponding state level, the product that should select regular brand only won't appear commonly problem. Consumer is buying floor glue or list via often can encountering a businessman when other product attestation of multifarious environmental protection system and quality system attestation, but these attestation can have the capacity that produces eligible product on behalf of the factory only, the each product that does not state this factory is produced is eligible. So the qualitative check of the product reports ability is the validdest proof of product quality.

And how seeing qualitative check report also have knack, consumer can ask the businessman shows the near future to be the same as the qualitative check report of batch product first, every qualitative check reports (include Xerox) home page the reverse side should imprint have issue detect the phone of report orgnaization, pass the true bogus that the phone can inquire to qualitative check reports.

Small make up summary: Complementary makings basically includes ground mat, skirting board, doorway to buckle, floor of choose and buy not only the quality that should see a floor, should pay attention to a floor more the quality of complementary makings and environmental protection sex.

Publicerat klockan 06:57, den 14 juli 2017
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Guide store of buy wood floor

The nutrient cate of the family comes out from the kitchensuch significant position, its adornment also is very important. How to decorate our kitchen, the kitchen that how lets us produces main effect in little space,[url=]picnic table plans using composite decking[/url] this is the problem that we pay close attention to very much.

Wooden floor decorates effect graph

Is floor of kitchen shop wood good?

The floor tile with idiomatic slam the door,[url=]plastic substitutions for wood[/url] choose Mudebanzun to be kitchen floor material, sure its advantage attracts customer.

1, floor foot has felt

Well-known, the characteristic that wooden floor has felt with its foot gets of consumer love, use sitting room and bedroom extensively in decorating, open mode kitchen and sitting room dining-room become repeatedly,[url=]composite saudi arabia pergola[/url] laid wood floor lets lie personally on the person foot of the kitchen more comfortable.

2, the wood floor is prevented it is better to slip

Compare with ceramic tile photograph, the skid resistance of the floor appears more advantageous. Especially the ground is hit not carefully by water wet hind, of the floor prevent slipping is better than ceramic tile.[url=]exterior wood slat bench[/url] And the floor is more qualitative than ceramic tile material gentle, inadvertent trip also can reduce the harm of collision.

3, household style is more unified

Be in China, more and more household choose to open the form of type kitchen, if the ground of sitting room and kitchen selects different capable person,pledge at that time, the 1ness of whole space can sell adiscount greatly.

Publicerat klockan 04:17, den 13 juli 2017
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formaldehyde pollution-free straw floor

Publicerat klockan 03:44, den 13 juli 2017
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national flooring industry innovation

Publicerat klockan 11:21, den 12 juli 2017
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The cleanness of floor and maintain method

Usually, real wood floor is easier than compound wood floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, it is so when shop outfit, had better be add in bottom set aluminous film osilver-colored aegis (moistureproof filmthe cost that although this kind of craft lets 10 yuan every square metre became much,controls, but can obtailifelong and moistureproof safeguard however.[url=]Neo Wood Panel Composites Australia[/url] Additional, still can be among keel pufew lime, also can have moistureproof effect.

Crucial 1: Later period maintains way is very important

1few things that can absorb moisture can be set inside house at ordinary times, be like charcoal and so on. [url=]teak Patio Decking Review[/url] After wooden floor uses period of time, need undertakes waxing again, can volatilize already so the humidity that construction remains, can prolong floor service life again.

2, floor should every quarter undertakes waxing handling,[url=]tongue and groove wpc wall paneling[/url] maintain the brightness of floor surface and waterproof properties.

3, the attention when be being cleaned at ordinary times does not sprinkle overmuch water on the floor, use commonly pull cloth wetly to clean partly can.

4, when climate is damper, should as far as possible Chao Na or southeast direction (namely windward direction) door window is shut, the door window of open ahull direction, enter in order to reduce lunt indoor.[url=]Water resistant floor that look like wood[/url] Wait for when weather is sunny, can open all door windows, evaporate in order to quicken moisture.

5, when midday, indoor air humidity lies highest value, should not be window, best choice is in afternoon or towards evening, window adjustment leaves when climate is relatively dry indoor air. (The picture in article originates network)

Publicerat klockan 06:10, den 12 juli 2017
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wood-based panel products

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Real wood floor how to maintain

In June, a lot of areas already entered rainy season sadly, regular meeting occurrence rainwater crosses too much, damp extreme weather phenomenon, can receive the midsummer time with higher air temperature again subsequently. Below such climate condition, on the base that loads in scientific shop, undertake to the floor correct, sufficient maintaining is crucial. For this, the floor board that bring a letter is special on the foundation that sums up forefathers wisdom put forward to install summer of trustworthy wood floor to maintain strategy, unscramble floor of plum monsoon section to maintain for you secret book is ternary state.

weighs state : Moistureproof

The summer, especially the plum rains weather July, warm wet air current is strengthened, overcast and rainy arrives from time to time and last. In this kind of damp weather, real wood floor expands extremely easily, be out of shape, have wriggle through the earth. Grand floor reminds the country consumer should retain a floor board dry, clean, avoid to be mixed into water slack, the mop that prohibits using a water pulls a floor board, floor dust uses clean cotton rag to undertake clearing as far as possible. Want to undertake waxing nursing regularly additionally, avoid the descent of the humidity when monsoon.

2 heavy states: Be away for the summer holidays

Below condition of midsummer high temperature, moisture of real wood interior volatilizes very easily come out, the volume that causes a floor board thereby happens contractive phenomenon. Grand floor reminds the country if the home is medium,consumer noticed to install wooden floor board, must somebody is entered, if cannot be entered immediately, what often also should keep indoor is ventilated, breathe freely, medicinal powder hot; is additional, air conditioning does not want to be blown to the floor as far as possible, if feel indoor and dry, can undertake the sun is basked in continuously adding moist air; to decrease as far as possible appropriately, at the same time object of high temperature of avoid by all means contacts a floor directly, lest iron bad paint film.

ternary state: Except corrupt with adjust integratedly

Besides what make clear quite moistureproof be away for the summer holidays besides, the floor that bring a letter reminds consumer to want special attention to be divided daily corrupt and adjust integratedly. Real wood floor If encounter besmirch to want to keep clear of in time,go up, general smear is like the usable dishcloth such as oily, fruit juice to dip in neuter scour and clear water mediate fluid undertakes cleanness. If smear is like medicaments, dye badly to wait, in smear did not try to keep clear of before infiltration woodiness surface, can use dip to dip in the soft cloth of furniture polish is wiped. Additional, adjusting integratedly respect, the action of activated carbon is more apparent, what it basically can pass the moisture in absorbing air to assure a floor is constant humidity, also have extremely strong absorption affinity at the same time, great lower indoor pollution index.

Publicerat klockan 09:00, den 11 juli 2017
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Gloria product quality awards

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floor of the vast number of consumers

Publicerat klockan 13:30, den 10 juli 2017
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wooden floor

Decorate Wooden floor We always can encounter various things when, for instance toilet kitchen otherwise wants to lay the floor that install wood, the store has installed a floor to always have so 9 floors are right not neat or it is design and color incorrect, after floor store has been installed, a certain position always creaks creak rings, after we look to had been installed to floor shop today, a certain position always creaks how the issue that creaks noisy is solved.

Above all, what reason causes want to know, be about to see the sound that give out first is how noisy law. If a certain place steps on one foot to ring, walk to ring again again, successive and such, that affirmation is wood did not secure between earthworm and ground wood tenon, or wooden tenon material is qualitative too soft not demanding, be pulled by earthworm be caused by. If a certain place walks to be able to have voice sometimes, do not have sometimes, this kind of state is the reason of the broach aperture that floor hammer is less than real wood floor mostly, there is the space that become loose to cause between flooey of floor male and female, as relative also as floor itself quality.

1. The stiletto of head of electric hammer drill that 12mm uses commonly before installing earthworm, so the tamp of quadrate wood tenon that wooden tenon at least wants 18-20mm above ability is useful, cannot dig next hole very easily, cross wooden tenon a few days one dry systole;

2. The wooden tenon material of tamper ground should compare earthworm material to pledge character hard, force of lumber hard systole is small, earthworm plays wooden tenon not easily pull, maintain firm sex;

3. Levels of some ground of a room differ several centimeter high, at this moment carpenter master can fill up stopper of form of a few knives or three-ply and so on below earthworm, assure earthworm standard, must not forget at this moment, block up between the earthworm of 2.5 centimeter above, must want to hit short earthworm to be secured each other, prevent earthworm left and right sides to shake Huang swings, in order to make sure earthworm level off is firm;

4. When installing bore of real wood floor, bore diameter must be nailed than the floor small, such floors just eat hammer;

5. Metope all around the floor systole of 1 centimeter above seams obligate, expand with avoiding climate change or floor moisture content to not agree with an arch, this bit of most person knows.

Method of processing floor soniferous is very few, the circumstance after even if is handled also is to have alleviation a bit, still cannot effect a radical cure thoroughly. Should eradicate thoroughly this kind of problem has an idea, tighten solid earthworm afresh namely, reshipment floor, the thing that but that takes a lot of work really,expenses stuff has a headache, everybody is willing to go reshipment of do poorly done work over again. Before installing earthworm and floor board only, want to let install a master to pay attention to a few craft and method only, can suffer from Yu Weiran in case, the floor won't sound.

Publicerat klockan 08:12, den 10 juli 2017
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summertime floor maintain

Wooden floor norms is a kind of property with wooden very principal floor, no matter be the installation of wooden floor, return be wooden floor to use, or is wooden floor maintain, norms meets wooden floor to produce an effect to them, we summarize a few influences that wooden floor norms maintains to wooden floor today.

The first, the floor of big norms is easy ageing, be out of shape.

When having after service to wooden floor, the wooden floor that we see a few bigger norms via regular meeting often is met ageing of floor of more incidental wood, metabolic phenomenon. Because maintain in wooden floor with use process in, the wooden floor of big norms the suiting to the environment ability not as good as the wooden floor of small norms, below the change of humidity and temperature, the wooden floor of big norms can produce all sorts of ageing phenomena, become warped since, be out of shape. Be in so of wooden floor in maintaining, want surely to the Mudebanyi of big norms more attention, do not let moisture remain be over the wooden floor of big norms as far as possible at ordinary times.

The 2nd, of wooden floor norms different or meeting influence decorates the effect.

We know, the differs to arise to the effect that decorate effect of wooden floor color is distinct also. Actually wooden floor norms also can is opposite of household decorate the effect to produce an effect. Do not suit to compare small floor with wooden floor norms inside broader room commonly, can let whole room look not quite angry. Compare little room to room space, can use the floor board of bigger wooden floor norms, let a space look more broad. However a few large spaces that are similar to villa, can use floor spelling a flower to serve as flooring, not only the advantage that can produce a Mudebanzun to be ground material, still have certain adornment effect.   

The 3rd, the wooden floor of small norms should notice to gather up seam.

Seam because of the floor between the Mudebanzhi of small norms more, also be easier generation a kind of seamed floor gathers up between the floor. To this kind of circumstance, we should as far as possible choose a few more durable, fight the wooden floor of ageing, for instance floor of blue and white porcelain, can reduce effectively produce wooden floor to gather up seam, ageing, become warped since wait for problem of ageing of floor of 10 big wood.

Wooden floor Of norms different, the demand that maintains to the floor is diverse also, bought what kind of floor board, be about to use maintain differently the method undertakes conserve, the wooden floor board that just can allow us so more fight ageing, experience is long cover is new.

Publicerat klockan 07:48, den 7 juli 2017
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